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We bring certified meditation teachers to your company, organization or event, virtually or in-person — to increase employee retention, happiness, teamwork and to relieve pressure & stress. Even a one-hour meditation for your team will be a game-changer for each person who joins, whether they are brand new to meditation or experienced.


Take a mid day pause to ease stress and quiet the mind. This session, begins by getting comfortable in the body followed by basic breath awareness and mindfulness exercises, finishing with a silent mantra meditation practice. Participants can expect to feel refreshed and energized after each session, ready to continue their day with a calm and clear mind. All levels.


This workshop is great for team building  and creating a good work environment. The session begins with exercises to ease stress and quiet the mind followed by exploring emotional intelligence and the common traps we can fall into that are the cause of confusion and stress. We conclude by offering powerful tools that can be used to stay in a connected state, where communication and creativity are enhanced. This workshop is inspiring, interactive, and fun, offering participants applicable tools they can apply to their daily lives resulting in a stress-free, harmonious, joyful, productive and thriving workplace.


It takes 21 days to create a new habit. At the end of the course, participants will understand the basic principles and benefits of meditation through lectures, discussions and personal experience, as well as how to apply these teachings in their everyday lives.
  • 4 x 2 hours weekly classes at our cosy studio or on site location
  • Meditation Journal
  • Suggested practice probram for the week in-between the classes
  • Access to guided meditations on audio
  • Practical tips, resources and advice for integrating the practice into  daily life


Geared toward executives, CEO, managers and leaders, our coaching technique focuses first on defining a clear vision, core values and dedication of purpose with passion. We work with specific leadership principles and awareness, utilizing creatvity, intelligence and organizing power in order to lead in a new way. The result will e a harmonious, engaged and thriving workplace as you are able to bring out the greatest potential in your team and organization.

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The Benefits Of Meditation In Business

So meditation can not only act as a great stress-buster for employees but it can also have a direct and meaningful positive financial impact on organizations who make it part of their culture.

When we meditate, not only do we reduce stress and anxiety but we’re also much more able to focus on what we’re doing. As a business person why on earth would you not want to do this?

Companies Embracing Meditation

How does your company empower a more productive and happier workplace? Many thriving companies are using meditation to empower a community of happy and healthy employees.

Research suggests that meditation has many in-office health benefits – both mental and physical. Meditation causes the body to produce fewer stress hormones, allowing the body to boost its immune system and to reduce blood pressure, while easing the symptoms of anxiety and depression. It improves listening skills, decision-making skills, and even boosts employee engagement.

When employees feel that you care for their well being beyond workplace production, they’re much happier. And when employees are happy and mindful, they’re being productive. That helps the company culture — and the bottom line.

Wouldn’t you love to have an office full of employees who are on-task, productive, happy and not distracted? Maybe it’s time to look at a practical solution: meditation.

Scientifically proven benefits of meditation in the workplace

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